🔴 Slots That Have SURPRISED Us ➚ Up to $100/Spin!

🔴 Slots That Have SURPRISED Us ➚ Up to $100/Spin!

Wowza! I love a good surprise and these games totally did that for me in today’s live premiere!


  • Executive Producer: Joshua B.
  • Associate Producers: Theresa N, Ellen C, Shelley F, Rachel R, Thomas B, Janet C, Paula W, Rob R, Alfonso M, Maria V, Lawrence K, John M, Monica H, Don D, Mark W, James M, George W.
  • Co-Producers: Ron H, Marc B, Lauren B, Lucas S, John & Amanda L, Kristina R, April G, Pedro C, Amanda C, Tim B, Corey S, Gary S, Edward M, Alicia H, Corey T, Gregory G, Bruce C, Kelly J, Timothy H, Jennifer L, Tracy M, Erich H, Jose O, Susie S, Lyn-Ellen S, Deb L, Wendi G, Candy K, Sherri B, Stephanie P, D Owens, Kenneth T, Terrie Y, Stefanie M, Miles W.

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